Hallsville R-IV


R 6230 Textbook Selection and Adoption

The following procedure should be utilized in selecting textbooks:

  1. The principal shall appoint a committee composed of teachers. The committee shall review different textbook choices. The principal shall confer with the committee during the selection process. The following factors shall be considered by the committee:
    1. Content consistent with the goals and objectives of the Board.
    2. Format and Physical Features.
    3. Supplementary Services and Teaching Aids.

    The Superintendent of Schools shall develop or cause to be developed a rating sheet to be utilized in evaluating textbooks concerning the above mentioned factors.

  2. Upon reaching a decision concerning a particular textbook, the chairperson of the teacher committee shall forward to the principal the committee's choice in writing, and the statement shall include a list of the books reviewed and the reasons for the particular selection.
  3. Upon receiving a recommendation on selection from a teacher committee, the principal shall review the recommendation and forward to the Superintendent his/her own recommendation relative to the particular selection with reasons thereof.
  4. Upon receipt of a recommendation from a principal, the Superintendent shall forward to the Board of Education the recommendation of the Superintendent.
  5. In the event there is disagreement between or among teachers, principal, or Superintendent relative to selection, an effort shall be made to resolve the difference of opinion by compromise. If compromise cannot be reached, the particulars relative to disagreement shall be forwarded along with the Superintendent's recommendation.
  6. The Board of Education shall accept or reject the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools. If a selection is rejected, another selection shall be recommended by the procedure as outlined above.

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Board Approved Date: January, 1998
Last Updated: January 2003