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R 6231 Textbook Usage - Students

At the beginning of each term, or semester as applicable, students are to be informed by each teacher of the school 's expectations of responsibility for school property and the need for care and return of books. A constructive and educational approach to the students is desirable, including a discussion of reasons for treating books with respect, caring for them, using them wisely, and returning them in good condition. Penalties for lost or damaged books are to be outlined. A monitoring process is to be devised such as textbook receipt cards or other check-out system that requires the student's signature for use of the book(s).

Parents/guardians are to be informed by the principal/designee as to the textbook status in the building or department; i.e., in which subject students are provided with individual copies, class sets, consumable materials, etc. Newsletters to the homes, Open House presentations and PTO meetings may be used as means of communication.

Parents/guardians are to be informed of the penalties for lost or damaged textbooks early in the school year. Penalties may include a reasonable system of fines or repayments. For example, the student or the student's parents/guardians could be required to pay the fair value for replacement of a lost or destroyed book or for repair of a book. The student could choose to do some work for the school instead, if the principal finds that to be the best option.

No student is to be penalized if a book is lost because of factors beyond his/her control. All students will be made aware that if such losses are reported immediately, and if the administration agrees that the loss was beyond the student's control, fines will be canceled. The reporting procedure will be publicized in student handbooks and other school publications. Principals will handle cases individually.

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Board Approved Date: May, 2002
Last Updated: January 2003