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P 2655 Bullying

The District is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free of any form of bullying or intimidation by students toward District personnel or students on school grounds, or school time, at a school sponsored activity or in a school related context. Bullying is the intentional action by an individual or group of individuals to inflict physical, emotional or mental suffering on another individual or group of individuals.

Bullying occurs when a student:

Students who are found to have violated this policy will be subject to the following consequences depending on factors such as: age of student(s), degree of harm, severity of behavior, number of incidences, etc. Consequences: Loss of privileges, classroom detention, Conference with Teacher, parents contacted, conference with Principal, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, expulsion and law enforcement contacted.

District employees are required to report any instance of bullying of which the employee has first-hand knowledge. Moreover, the District will provide training for employees relative to enforcement of this policy.

Board Approved Date: September 12, 2016