Monroe City R-I


P 4710 Resignation: Certificated Staff

Certificated employees who for any reason intend to retire or resign at the end of the current school year are encouraged to indicate their plans in writing to the Board as early as possible, but no later than June 1.
Resignations to become effective during the school year require a release by the Board and must be considered on an individual basis. Letters of resignation shall be submitted to the Superintendent/designee and the principal/supervisor. The letter should state reasons and an effective date for the resignation.
It is the practice of the administration to recommend to the Board those certificated employees who request to resign prior to June 1. Requests for release from binding contracts often occur when the district is least able to find suitable replacements. Such requests substantially impair the Districtís ability to provide effective educational programs and services. The Board of Education discourages such requests, and will approve resignations from binding contracts in accordance with the following:

  1. The Board of Education will consider each late resignation individually and reserves the right to deny any and all requests to resign after the deadlines expressed above.
  2. If a resignation is approved, the certificated employee must pay the school district the appropriate sum listed below as legal consideration for release from the contract:
    1. Request by non-tenured certificated employee under contract for the next school year, received on or before June 1 ... $750.00
    2. Request by any certificated employee, received on or before July 1 ... $1,000.00
    3. Request by any certificated employee, received on or before August 1 ... $2,000.00
    4. Request by any certificated employee, received after August 1 ... $3,000.00
  3. Certificated employees who wish to be released from their contracts in accordance with the foregoing payment method must request such release in letter format as discussed more fully above.
  4. The Board of Education may waive the payments required under this policy upon proof, to the satisfaction of the Board, that the request for release is due to hardship.

Last Updated: August 2011