Monroe City R-I


P 4873 Staff Cell Phone Usage

Inappropriate use of cell phones, iPads and similar personal electronic devices, during class time or while supervising students or school related activities, adversely impacts instructional effectiveness, student learning and public safety. For educational and safety related reasons, the use of such devices shall not interfere with the delivery of instruction or execution of supervisory duties. Should it become necessary for a district employee to be available for critical communication, while fulfilling the responsibilities of their position, such need should be communicated to the employee's direct supervisor in as timely a manner as circumstances allow. Exceptions will be made for bonafide school related emergencies.

Bus drivers and other employees driving district vehicles and employees driving while on District business are prohibited from using cell phones, iPads, and related electronic devices while driving. If an emergency occurs, the vehicle should be parked and remain parked in a safe location during the use of the electronic device. Bus drivers and employees driving District vehicles should log those work time emergency calls with date, time, call duration and vehicle location with their supervisor as soon as is practicable.

Last Updated: September 2012