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R 2240 Admission and Tuition - Nonresident Students

The following students who are not residents of the District may enroll without payment of tuition:

  1. Orphaned children or children with only one living parent.

  2. Children whose parents/guardians do not contribute to the support of the child.

  3. Children who participate in an American Field Service or similar foreign exchange program subject to District approval and provided that the student resides in the home of a District resident.

  4. Children whose parent/guardian owns real property within the District, but who reside outside of District boundaries. Such children may attend school upon payment of tuition, which will be reduced by the amount of real estate tax paid by the child's parent/ guardian for School District purposes.

  5. Children whose parents/guardians own and reside upon property at least eighty (80) acres of which are used for agricultural purpose, provided at least thirty-five percent (35%) of the property is within the District.

  6. Inter-district desegregation students.

  7. Students of District teachers or regular District employees.

  8. Homeless students.

  9. Wards of the state.

  10. Students placed in a residential care facility.

  11. Students attending regional or cooperative alternative education programs.

  12. Students from unaccredited districts.

The administration may investigate the eligibility of children attending schools under the provisions of this regulation.

Board Approved Date: January 2003