Southland C-9


P 4130 Certificated Staff Contracts

Employment contracts will be in writing and will be signed by the employee, the Board president and the Board secretary. Contracts will include the amount of annual compensation and the days of service.

Certificated staff members under contract include probationary teachers, permanent teachers and administrative staff. The probationary period allows a teacher to demonstrate, and the District to assess the teacher's competence. Beginning after the initial one (1) year contract, teachers who have demonstrated their competence through performance may be offered additional contracts.

The Board may elect to employ certain certificated individuals on a part-time basis, as needed. Part-time certificated employees will be contracted on a class-by-class basis, not as a percentage of full-time employment. Part-time employees will not be provided the benefits provided to full-time employees. In addition, part-time certificated employees who do not teach at least four hours per day will not be eligible for pension benefits.

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Last Updated: January 2003