Southland C-9


P 4310 General Attendance

Certificated/Non-Certificated Staff

Personal Time Off – All 9 month certificated /non-certificated staff are entitled to 12 PTO days, and all 12 month certificated/non-certificated staff are entitled to 15 PTO days per school year.  Unused PTO leave will be cumulative to 60 PTO leave days.  An absence of over one through four hours shall be counted as a half-day PTO leave.  Certificated staff will be paid current substitute pay per day accumulative more than 60 for each unused PTO day per school year.

If any employee has exhausted all of their PTO leave, he/she will be docked the amount of a day’s salary for each day missed unless arrangements can be made for the donation of unused PTO leave.  (See Policy 4322 – Donation of Unused Sick Leave).  Days before and after (the day immediately before and after) vacations, holidays, or breaks must be approved by administration.

When employees are absent more than 6 days in any semester or more than 12 days per school year, their absence is considered excessive. The Superintendent/designee will review each incident of excessive absence and may require the employee to provide medical documentation or may consider disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

Last Updated: November 2019