Southland C-9


P 0412 Meetings - Participation by Public

A designated period of time may be provided for public comments at all regular Board meetings. The Board is very interested in citizen viewpoints and problems; however, citizens are encouraged to work through problems at the building and/or administrative levels before coming to the Board. Remarks on (agenda items only) may be limited to three minutes and to one appearance, thus allowing a maximum number of participants in the allotted time period in which citizens are to speak to issues.

Questions directed to the Board may not always be answered immediately. All questions will be responded to by an appropriate person as soon as possible. Persons who wish to suggest items for the agenda should contact the Superintendent. The request must be submitted pursuant to Board Policy 0412 and received five business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Date:  _______________________________     Contact Phone: ________________________________

Name of Designated Speaker: ________________________________________

Must be a district resident and provide address:____________________________________________


Have you discussed this topic with building level administration?   Yes or No 

(*-If no this must be done before continuing)


Is your item on the agenda?  Yes or No   Under what item?___________________________________

Will students or personnel be named?  Yes or No

Please note: Disciplinary actions of 10 days ISS/OSS or less does not qualify for a hearing or comment. Any comments related to possible on-going investigations or legal issues may be denied.

Define the topic in detail to be discussed.


What actions are you requesting be taken by the Board of Education on this topic?


All information presented is known to be accurate and as a participant seeking to speak at the next school board meeting, I understand and will comply with Policy 0412.

Signature: _______________________________

Date: _______________________

Last Updated: December 2019