Southland C-9


P 0412 Meetings - Participation by Public

A designated period of time may be provided for public comments at all regular Board meetings. The Board is very interested in citizen viewpoints and problems; however, citizens are encouraged to work through problems at the building and/or administrative levels before coming to the Board. Remarks on (agenda items only) may be limited to three minutes and to one appearance, thus allowing a maximum number of participants in the allotted time period in which citizens are to speak to issues.

Questions directed to the Board may not always be answered immediately. All questions will be responded to by an appropriate person as soon as possible. Persons who wish to suggest items for the agenda should contact the Superintendent. The request must be submitted pursuant to Board Policy 0412 and received five business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

P0412 - Fillable Form

Last Updated: February 2020