Southland C-9


P 2656 Student Cell Phone Usage

Beginning with the new academic year, August 23, 2022, we will be making an adjustment to our cell phone policy at Southland C-9 School District. Students will NOT be allowed to have cell phones/personal devices (including smart watches, etc) during the instructional day. 

Research shows that kids and teens perform better without access to their cell phones/personal devices during the school day. When students don't have access to their cell phones, they are more engaged both socially and academically. Access to smartphones, texts, and social media magnifies behaviors and attitudes that harm inclusion and acceptance, both of which are key tenets of a healthy and joyful school. Students having face-to-face, in-person time to socialize and learn with friends and classmates is the atmosphere we strive to foster at Southland.

At Southland C-9, we are committed to ensuring that each student feels deeply known and valued for who they are. We greatly believe in the importance of our shared community; that is, face-to-face interactions of being together; therefore, we will no longer allow cell phone/personal device use during the instructional day because we believe that our students connecting with one another is vitally more important than students connecting to their phone. We also realize that pursuing rigorous learning requires academic engagement and specific habits, and cell phones don't support these habits we are seeking. 

Our policy may appear different from other schools, but for us, it's one clear example of how our commitment to students and families is different. Simply put, cell phones do not support our school community's connection and growth, so we don't do it. 

Over time, students do need to learn to manage technology, and build healthy habits. We support building those habits through intentional approaches to teaching computer science curriculum and using 1:1 Chromebooks for all students in grades 3 - 12, and tablets in our lower elementary grades. This is one of the strong and thoughtful commitments we are proud of, and we will enforce this policy change. Should a student violate this new cell phone/personal device policy, the following consequences will occur as a result to needed disciplinary actions: 

We appreciate your support in this matter as we strive to provide a quality education to the students of Southland C-9. Should you have questions or concerns regarding this new cell phone/student personal devices policy, please call school and ask to speak to your child's building principal to discuss. 

Board Approved Date: May 12, 2022
Last Updated: May 2022