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P 6190 Virtual Instruction (MoVIP)

The District will participate in the State's Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP). MoVIP offers District students the opportunity to participate in free or tuition-paid online courses in a variety of grade level and content areas from kindergarten through grade 12. District students who wish to enroll in the Missouri virtual school must first enroll in the public school of residence.

MoVIP courses may be taken during the school day or outside of the school day. The number of credits that a student may earn during any academic period will not be limited by the District. Students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to meet with school counselors to develop an educational program, including MoVIP courses, which best meets the individual needs of District students. Students participating in MoVIP courses will have access to District facilities and technology which are otherwise available to students participating in the regular school program. The District does not provide equipment, Internet access, supplies, or materials to students participating in the Missouri Virtual School.

The District will receive notification from MoVIP concerning the percentage of work satisfactorily completed by each student for each virtual education class completed. District staff members will assign a grade and course credit depending upon the percentage of work satisfactorily completed for each class. In awarding credit and assigning grades, the District will apply the same standards for grade assignment and credit award as are applied to courses completed in the District's traditional curriculum. Credit toward meeting District graduation requirements will be awarded for MoVIP courses provided the work completed meets the academic standards required in the District's traditional educational program.

The District may also recognize and assign credit for courses offered through other electronic media courses such as satellite video courses, cable video courses, interactive education television consortium, and computer-driven or on-line courses. Students may also be awarded credit for satisfactorily completed course work from accredited institutions. In addition, the District may offer virtual courses that could take place outside of a District facility. The District will ensure that virtual courses purchased from outside vendors are aligned with the Show-Me curriculum standards and comply with state requirements for teacher certification. Students and their parents/guardians should consult with their school counselor to determine whether satisfactory completion of such work is eligible for award of District credit. This discussion should occur prior to enrollment in such programs.

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Last Updated: October 2009