R 2850 Inoculations of Students

As mandated by the Missouri Department of Health, students must have up-to-date immunizations before being permitted to attend classes. Form 2850 provides a chart of immunization requirements by grade level.

  1. The District will maintain an individual health record for each student, including an immunization history supplied by the parent/guardian.
  2. A complete immunization history will be required upon entrance to school. Satisfactory evidence of immunization is a statement, certificate or record from a physician or health facility that verifies the type of vaccine, the month, day and year of administration. The parent/guardian will be informed that any needed immunizations must be obtained prior to enrollment and attending school.
  3. In certain special situations, exemptions or "In Progress" statements may be needed.
    1. If a student has received all immunizations that are age appropriate but has not completed the minimum required for school attendance, the parent/guardian must obtain an "In Progress" card from a physician or health department that identifies when the next dose is due.
    2. If the student cannot receive the needed immunization(s) for medical reasons, a medical exemption will be completed and signed by a physician and filed in the student's health record.
    3. If the parent/guardian objects to immunizations for religious reasons, an exemption must be signed by the parent/guardian and verified by the school nurse. This must be renewed annually. Protection against disease as a desirable measure for the protection of the student will continue to be emphasized.
  4. In the event of an outbreak, students who are exempt from immunizations for any reason will be excluded from school for their own protection and that of other students, in accordance with State Rule 13 CSR 50-101.0412. The only exception will be students exempted by a physician because they have already had the disease and have available laboratory confirmation of immunity.
  5. The District will notify the parent/guardian if a student will require any additional doses of a vaccine, giving the date by which the vaccine must be given to remain in compliance with the law.
  6. To the extent that the District provides information on immunizations, infectious disease, medications, or other school health issues to parents/guardians, the District will include information that is at least similar to the information provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about influenza and influenza vaccinations.
  7. The District will prepare the immunization report (CD 31) for the Missouri Department of Health by the specified date. Any deficiencies will receive follow-up as recommended.Every effort will be made to return excluded students to school as soon as possible.The parent/guardian will be advised of resources available to obtain needed protection. The parent/guardian who does not make an effort to comply with the law in order to return students to school within ten days may be reported to the local juvenile authority for enforcing the truancy law.
  8. An ongoing review of immunization records will be made to ensure that entering transfer students, students who are "In Progress," and those needing Td boosters during the school year have adequate protection. Students will be notified in the spring that Td boosters will be due during the next school year. The records of entering transfer students and those due for boosters will be flagged, or a separate file or a line listing of these students will be maintained, to facilitate compliance with the statute.

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Board Approved Date: October 17, 2018
Last Updated: August 2018