West Nodaway County R-I


P 3170 Purchases By and/or Solicitation of School Staff

Conflict of Interest

The School District will not purchase supplies or materials from a staff member of the School District, nor from a member of the household of the staff member, except in emergency situations as determined by the Superintendent of Schools. Neither will the District purchase supplies, materials or services from a member of the Board of Education or from a member of his/her household, or from a firm in which he/she holds a major interest.


Employees of the District will not endorse products or services in such a manner that will identify the employee as an employee of the School District.

Procurement Activities

In any purchasing activities all employees shall refrain from soliciting, discourage the offer of, and decline gifts if offered by any vendor wishing to do business with, or who is doing business with the School District. Instead of making an offer of gifts, the vendor should be encouraged to discount the price of the goods to the school.


The advertising of sale or distribution of any goods or service on school property, for any school activity, shall have prior approval from the building principal or Superintendent. This includes but is not limited to: school personnel, students, parents/guardians, relatives, general public and commercial businesses.

Solicitations of School Staff

Agents, solicitors, and salespersons will be denied the privilege of seeing the school staff during the school day except with permission of the administration.

Last Updated: January 2003