West Nodaway County R-I


P 2221 Monthly Reporting of School Dropouts to the Missouri Literacy Hotline

Section 167.275 RSMo, requires the reporting of all students who drop out of school for any reason other than to attend another school, college, or university, or enlist in the armed services. As the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education try to contact dropouts as quickly as possible in order to share information about Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) classes, West Nodaway R-1 high school counselor and/or high school principal will report dropouts on a monthly basis by the last school day of the month. To report dropouts, completion and submission of the DESE form will be utilized.

Return the completed form by e-mail to webreplyvaehotline@dese.mo.gov. Do not mail or fax the form. If questions should occur about this procedure, please contact the Adult Education and Literacy Office at 573-751-1249 or submit questions to the e-mail address above.

Dropout information will be posted to the Department's Dropout Reporting page at https://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/adult-education-literacy/dropout-prevention-reporting. To double-check reporting status, West Nodaway R-1 will review this page each month after reporting a dropout to ensure that the process has been completed accurately.

Last Updated: April 2010