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R 2520 Promotion and Retention

General Promotion and Retention Requirements

  1. Students will be promoted to the next grade level if they are meeting grade level expectations as identified by local and State Department of Education core subject objectives.
  2. "Double promotions," that is, acceleration beyond the normal grade placement, are approvable for students who are working at an academic level of more than a year above placement and are sufficiently mature, socially and emotionally, to work with students of the advanced grade. Parent/guardian, teachers and administrators must agree that it is in the best interest of the student under consideration.
  3. A list of those students who are not meeting grade level objectives in reading, language arts or mathematics will be given to the building principal by the October, January and March reporting periods. With respect to any student who is reported as not meeting grade level objectives in reading, language arts or mathematics:
    1. The teacher, principal and counselor will meet to review the student's academic record, current test scores and work samples.
    2. The parent/guardian will be notified as soon after the review as possible that retention is being considered. A meeting with the parent/guardian will be scheduled. The parent/guardian will be informed that the student is not meeting grade level objectives and will be retained in the same grade unless there is strong and positive improvement in the student's work.
    3. A follow-up conference for the parent/guardian will be scheduled with the principal or the principal's designee to review the student's progress.
    4. An academic program including remediation will be offered the student.
  4. In recommending promotion or retention, these factors will be considered:
    1. Academic achievement in all subject areas, especially attainment of grade level objectives, as determined by tests, teacher assignment, and work samples.
    2. Chronological age.
    3. Study Habits.
    4. Attendance.
    5. Social and emotional maturity.
    6. State-mandated retention requirements for primary/middle school students.
  5. The decision for retention will be made by the principal and the classroom teacher in accordance with the above-referenced factors, and written notification of retention will be sent to the parent/guardian.


Third Grade Students

Third grade students who cannot demonstrate a reading level at or above the third grade level will be administered a reading assessment within forty-five (45) days of the end of their third grade year.

If this assessment reflects that the student is reading below the second grade level, the District will design and implement a reading improvement plan for the student's fourth grade year. The reading improvement plan must include a minimum of thirty (30) hours of additional reading instruction or practice outside the regular school day during the fourth grade year. In addition, the District may require the student to attend summer school for reading instruction as a condition of promotion to the fourth grade.

Fourth Grade Students with Reading Improvement Plans

Within forty-five (45) days of the conclusion of the fourth grade year, the District shall administer another reading assessment to those fourth grade students for whom reading improvement plans had been designed.

If this assessment reveals that the student is reading below a third grade level, the student shall be required to attend summer school to receive supplemental reading instruction. At the conclusion of summer school, the student shall be given another reading assessment. If the student is still reading below third grade level, the student shall not b promoted to fifth grade.

Students shall not be retained more than once on the basis of their inability to satisfy the third grade or fourth grade reading standards. However, the District may, at its discretion, retain any student with a reading improvement plan who has not completed summer school for supplemental reading instruction.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Students

The reading assessment process shall be repeated on a yearly basis through the end of students' sixth grade years, accompanied by a corresponding increase in the required reading level.

The reading assessment process will also be applied to students who initially enter the District in grades four, five or six and who have been determined to be reading below grade level.

The permanent record of students who are determined to be reading below the fifth grade level at the end of the sixth grade shall carry a notation stating that the student has been unable to meet the minimal reading standards. That notation will be removed from the student's record once the District determines that he or she has met the standards.


The following students are exempt from the reading assessments:

  1. Students receiving special education services under an Individualized Education Program (IEP) pursuant to 162.670, RSMo.
  2. Students who are receiving special education services pursuant to Section 504 whose service plan includes an element addressing reading.
  3. Students who have limited English proficiency.
  4. Students who have insufficient cognitive ability to meet the reading requirements. However, a reading improvement plan shall be provided for these students in accordance with law.

Appeal of Retention Decisions

Parents/guardians who wish to appeal a decision regarding a student's retention must first contact the building principal. If parents/guardians do not accept the decision at the building level, an appeal may be made in writing to the Superintendent. All appeals must be requested within two (2) weeks after the close of school.

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Last Updated: August 2010