Southland C-9


P 0324 Filling Board Vacancies

Whenever a vacancy occurs on the Board of Education, the remaining members of the Board will, by majority vote, select an individual to fill the vacant position until the next annual school election.

In filling the vacancy the Board will inform the community and solicit applications.  In addition, the Board may affirmatively solicit qualified community members to apply for the vacant position.  The Board, or a committee designated by the Board will screen the applicants and will select no more than three applicants for Board interview.  Candidate interviews and the vote taken to fill the vacancy will occur in an open session meeting of the Board.

If there are more than two vacancies and if the District is located in a county without a county commission, the county executive will fill the vacancies with the advice and consent of the county council. 

Board Approved Date: September 8, 2016
Last Updated: August 2016