Southland C-9


P 4322 Donation of Unused Sick Leave

The Southland C-9 School Board of Education recognizes that staff members occasionally will exceed the number of allowable accumulated sick days due to illness or death in the family. Realizing the economic burden this places on the individual, the Board will allow the donation of days among staff members in extenuating circumstances subject to the following conditions and stipulations:

  1. Certified staff may donate PTO days to other certified staff and non-certified staff may donate to other non-certified staff.
  2. A staff member may donate unused PTO days from the current year to another staff member who has exhausted all his/her PTO' days.
  3. The days may only be used to comply with Board policy concerning PTO leave.  The days may not be used for personal business.
  4. Application to allow the donation must be made to the superintendent who will present the request to the Board for final consideration.
  5. Employees are not to go to other employees and ask them to donate days. If an employee has extenuating circumstances and would like to have others donate PTO days to them, the employee must submit a written request to the Superintendent who will notify all employees of the need. If any employee is aware of another's need for the donation of PTO, they may submit a request on behalf of other employees and the superintendent will notify everyone.
  6. Upon the use of donated PTO days, the employee in question must provide written verification that the day was used in accordance with policy.

Case 1: Mr. Bravo, Mr. Charlie, and Mrs. Able are teachers. Due to illness, Mr. Bravo missed fourteen days more than he has accumulated; therefore, he will have fourteen days pay withheld from his next paycheck. Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Able have not used any of their sick days this year. Each wishes to donate one day to Mr. Bravo. This is permissible.

Case 2: Same situation as in Case 1 except Mr. Charlie wishes to donate fourteen days to Mr. Bravo. This is not allowed because Mr. Charlie only has 12 PTO days in the current year.

Case 3: Mr. Bravo has exhausted all his PTO days. He wishes to attend the funeral of a former college roommate. Mr. Charlie is willing to donate a PTO day. This is not allowed since the day would have to be a personal day according to board policy and days cannot be donated to cover personal leave.

Last Updated: November 2019