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P 2871 Medical Marijuana

The Board strives to honor families’ private medical decisions while ensuring a learning environment free of disruption. To that goal, the District maintains a strict prohibition against the possession, use, sale and presence under the influence of prohibited substances, having adopted a Drug Free School Policy (Policy 2641 – Drug Free Schools) as well as a prohibition against Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs (Policy 2640 - Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs).  The purpose of these policies and others is not primarily punitive to catch offenders, rather it is designed to provide a safe learning environment and to serve as a deterrence to drug use.

The State of Missouri has adopted a limited authorization of medical marijuana, as defined by state law and all applicable regulations (hereinafter “medical marijuana” or “drug”).  Qualified individual students and employees are permitted the use of medical marijuana.  The law does not authorize the use of medical marijuana on school premises, nor does it require or permit district employees to administer the drug to students. 

Overall, the District restricts the administration of medications, including medical marijuana, unless administration cannot reasonably be accomplished outside of school hours. Administration of medical marijuana to qualified students shall be in accordance with this policy. Administration of all other prescription and nonprescription medications to students shall be in accordance with applicable law and the Board’s policy concerning the administration of medications to students.

Under this policy, caregivers of qualified users of medical marijuana should administer the drug before or after school hours.  Caregivers are advised to administer the drug as early in the morning as possible or after school in order to avoid safety issues at school.

Administration at School

In the limited circumstances that a qualified student must receive the drug at school, certain procedures as determined by the District must be followed.  Among those procedures, the caregiver must provide the principal with the student’s valid authorization to use medical marijuana and the parent must provide the principal with doctor’s orders confirming that the drug must be administered during the school day.  Where the principal is satisfied that all procedural requirements have been met, the principal will provide a private place where the caregiver may administer the drug to a qualified student.  Medical marijuana will not be stored at school, but rather must be brought to school by the caregiver.  Following administration of the drug, the caregiver must leave school taking with them any remaining drug.

This procedure will be followed on school premises, on school transportation, and at school sponsored activities either within the District or outside the District.  Violation of these procedures will result in the revocation of a qualified student’s opportunity to receive the drug at school and disciplinary action.

Caregivers wishing to appeal a building level decision to limit use of medical marijuana at school may appeal the decision to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent’s decision will be final.

Additional Parameters

This policy conveys no right to any student or to the student’s parents/guardians or other primary caregiver to demand access to any general or particular location on school or district property, a school bus or at a school-sponsored event to administer medical marijuana.

Student possession, use, distribution, sale or being under the influence of marijuana inconsistent with this policy may be considered a violation of Board policy concerning drug and alcohol involvement by students or other Board policy and may subject the student to disciplinary consequences, including suspension and/or expulsion, in accordance with applicable Board policy.

If the federal government indicates that the District’s federal funds are jeopardized by this policy, the Board declares that this policy shall be suspended immediately and that the administration of any form of medical marijuana to qualified students on school property, on a school bus or at a school-sponsored event shall not be permitted.

Board Approved Date: July 11, 2019
Last Updated: June 2019