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P 0510 Policy Development, Adoption and Review

The development and adoption of policies to govern operation of the School District are the responsibility of the Board of Education. In developing policy, the Board may solicit input from the community, staff and other professionals.

At any meeting of the Board, policies governing the schools may be enacted, amended or repealed by a majority vote. The formal adoption of policies shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board. Only those written statements so adopted and so recorded shall be regarded as official Board policy.


The Superintendent of Schools is assigned the responsibility for insuring that all Board policies, rules and regulations are implemented. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop administrative guidelines in order to implement Board policy. The Superintendent shall notify all employees and students of their need to abide by Board policies and regulations. Administrators shall prepare staff, student and parent handbooks that interpret Board policies and state rules and regulations that affect each population set. The handbooks shall be revised annually and distributed within the first month of the school term.


The Board shall review written policies on a continuing basis to ensure consistency and legality of Board action and administrative decisions. Policies shall be reviewed and revised as a result of newly enacted state and/or federal legislation, court decisions, as a result of research and/or policy development as presented by state and/or national organizations and agencies, or for other reasons as determined by the Board.

Posting Board Policies and Student Handbooks

During periods of time in which the District maintains a District web site, the Board's policies and regulations along with student handbooks will be posted on the web site.

Board Approved Date: September 16, 2004
Last Updated: January 2003