Strasburg C-3


P 2525 Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements are set out in this policy.

The minimum graduation requirements are as follows:

Communication Arts4 units
Social Studies3 units
Mathematics3 units
Science3 units
Fine Arts1 units
Practical Arts1 units
Physical Education1 units
Health and Family Education1/2 units
Personal Finance1/2 units
Electives7 units
Total24 units

The District will accept courses offered through Missouri’s K-12 Virtual Instructional Program (MoVIP) as units of credit meeting state and local graduation requirements provided however the quantity and quality of completed student works meets standards applicable to the District’s traditional program.  (See Policy Virtual Instruction Program).

Eligible students, as defined in Regulation 2525, may pursue a timely graduation from high school through the School Flex Program. Eligible students participating in the School Flex Program will be considered full-time students.

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Board Approved Date: October 24, 2023
Last Updated: August 2023