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P 0411 Meeting Agenda

A tentative agenda for each regular, special or proposed closed meeting of the Board shall be prepared by the Superintendent, in consultation with the Board President, and shall be included in any public notice of such meetings. Any board member may request that items be placed on the agenda by notifying the board president or superintendent at least fifteen days prior to the meeting. The agenda items may be included on the tentative agenda unless the board president determines that the item is an administrative matter to be handled by the administration, the board has recently discussed a substantially similar matter, the board president determines that the items is best reserved for a future meeting, or the member withdraws the request.  The tentative agenda, related materials and minutes of the previous meeting shall be mailed, emailed or published to Diligent Community for each member of the Board at least four days prior to the stated meeting unless a special emergency meeting is called at a time which makes the four-day prior notice impossible.

The agenda for each meeting of the Board shall be adopted or modified by a motion by a majority of those Board members present. Once the agenda is approved, it shall require a vote of the majority of the Board members present to make additional modifications.

The agenda for closed sessions shall be on a separate document; however, the motion to close a meeting must be voted on during a public meeting and must also include the reasons for closing the meeting with references to the specific topics under the provision of Section 610.021, RSMo. as valid grounds for a closed meeting session.

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Board Approved Date: September 14, 2023
Last Updated: September 2023