Strasburg C-3


P 6243 Copyrighted Materials

It is the intent of the Board to delineate, enforce, and abide by the provisions of current copyright laws and regulations as they affect the School District and its employees. The District will not purchase any videos, computer software, audio tapes, publications or other materials that have been illegally copied or reproduced.

Copyrighted materials, whether they are print or non-print, will not be duplicated unless such reproduction meets "fair use" standards, or unless written permission from the copyright holder has been received.

Details about "fair use" will be made available to all teachers. A summary of these standards will be posted or otherwise made easily available at each machine used for making copies.

The Board does not sanction illegal duplication in any form. Employees who willfully disregard the District's copyright position are in violation of Board policy; they do so at their own risk and assume all liability responsibility.

Any materials produced by an employee (or employees) during the time he/she is paid for production of said materials shall be owned by the School District, and any civil rights of authorship are forfeited with payment by the District for production of materials.

Board Approved Date: June 19, 2003
Last Updated: January 2003