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R 6531 Records Retention/Destruction

For purposes of this Records Retention/Destruction Policy, the term "record" is defined as only those documents, including documents in digital or electronic format, which were made or received pursuant to law or in connection with the transaction of official business. Generally, the District will not maintain documents which do not meet the definition of "record" except to the extent that such document threatens or involves ongoing litigation.

If the record is in the form of a correspondence, including e-mails, the following guidelines apply, and are applicable to all district personnel that would normally create or receive record correspondence:

Correspondence - General:

Routine correspondence sent or received by District administrators that is handled in accordance with existing policies and procedures and that do not contain significant information about office policies or program should be retained for one (1) year.

Correspondence - Policy:

Correspondence which state or form the basis of policy, set important precedents or record important events in the operational history of the District should be kept permanently.

Remaining Records

For all the remaining records that do not constitute correspondence, the Superintendent will appoint an administrator to oversee the District's adherence to the Record Retention/Destruction Policy and Regulation 6531. These non-correspondence records should be retained/destroyed as stated in the Public School Records Retention Schedule listed on the Missouri Secretary of State website.

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Board Approved Date: August 12, 2010
Last Updated: October 2009