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R 1720 Superintendent of Schools

  1. Attend and participate in all meetings of the Board, except when his/her own employment status is being considered.

  2. Formulate and present for Board action policies, plans, programs and proposals for curriculum revision with full information which will assist the Board in making fully informed decisions. Short and long term educational goals shall be presented along with regular population studies.

  3. Enforce all provisions of applicable municipal, state and federal laws, policies and regulations of the Board of Education, make recommendations for any changes of policy or regulation which may be needed.

  4. Make recommendations for the employment, promotion, assignment, transfer, or dismissal, of any school employee in accordance with school policy.

  5. Prepare, or direct the preparation of, the annual School District budget for the Board's consideration and action.

  6. Administer the budget as approved by the Board and interpret it to the community.

  7. Conduct a program of public relations which will keep the community fully informed of the activities, successes and needs of the School District. The Superintendent shall maintain a cooperative working relationship between the School District and the community by regularly attending community and school activities.

  8. Initiate citizen committees which includes professional consultants to act in an advisory capacity in areas such as curriculum, government programs, school projects, research, school finance and evaluations subject to the Board's approval.

  9. Respond to situations requiring discretion because they are not covered by Board existing policies, reporting the action to the Board as soon as possible thereafter.

  10. Assist the Board in fulfilling its legislative function for the schools in an efficient and just manner.

  11. Assume direct operational responsibility for all duties and responsibilities not specifically assigned to an assistant Superintendent, director, or others.

  12. Maintain accurate up-to-date records and reports as required by law, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and/or the Board.

  13. Provide an orientation program for new Board members and inform Board members of conferences, workshops and other meetings that will assist them in their duties and responsibilities.

  14. Provide an agenda to Board members prior to all regular Board meetings, with appropriate background information.

  15. Provide leadership for all School District personnel which encourages team effort to provide quality education and services.

  16. Supervise and evaluate central office administrative personnel and all principals, making annual recommendations to the Board for administrative employment and compensation.

  17. Resolve student disciplinary problems resulting from principals' referrals.

  18. Serve as spokesperson for the Board team in discussions with the representative teacher organization.

  19. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Education or as may be required to implement the policies and regulations of the Board of Education.

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Board Approved Date: January 14, 0199
Last Updated: January 2003