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R 1405 Parent/Family Involvement in Education

In order to implement the Board’s commitment to parent/family involvement in students’ education, the District has implemented an educational involvement plan with the following components:

  1. Promote regular, two-way, meaningful communication between home and school.  Examples:  personal visits beyond parent/teacher conferences, electronic/telephone contact, use of translators.
  1. Promote and support responsible parenting.  Examples:  parenting workshops, parent resource centers, parent support groups.
  1. Recognize the fact that parents/families play an integral role in assisting their children to learn.  Examples:  parent curriculum night, family literacy programs, post-secondary planning activities.
  1. Promote a safe and open atmosphere for parents/families to visit the school that their children attend and actively solicit parent/family support and assistance for school programs.  Examples: training of volunteers and staff, family activities at school, identifying parent volunteer opportunities in and out of school.
  1. Include parents as full partners in decisions affecting their children and families.  Examples:  shared parent/teacher expertise on individual students, student academic planning, advisory councils (e.g., technology, nutrition/wellness), parent leadership development.
  1. Use available community resources to strengthen and promote school programs, family practices, and the achievement of students.  Examples:  utilize the knowledge and skills of senior citizens, retired teachers, and veterans; encourage education-friendly practices in local businesses; parent information centers; identify links to current, quality resources.
  1. Provide full opportunity for parent participation to all parents including, but not limited to, parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children.
  1. Conduct an annual evaluation of the policy to identify and resolve any barriers that would limit the involvement of parents.  Examples of barriers include, but are not limited to, economically disadvantaged, limited English proficiency, limited literacy, disabled or are of any racial or minority background.

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Board Approved Date: October 20, 2014
Last Updated: May 2015