Hallsville R-IV


P 5660 Field Trips

The Board believes that field trips often enhance the program of instruction and add much to the education of the students. All field trips conducted should be planned with an educational purpose.

All field trips should be carefully evaluated and approved by the administration.

All field trips of an entertainment nature must be financed by the organization or class sponsoring the activity. Transportation for field trips of an educational nature will be paid for by the school.

All parents/guardians of students who are eligible to participate in the field trip shall be notified of the activity. If a parent/guardian wishes his/her child to participate, the field trip permission form must be returned to the sponsor of the activity.

The use of bus transportation services for field trips may be authorized from Board of Education appropriated funds budgeted for field trips if approved by the Superintendent/designee.

Transportation services may be provided for school?related activities provided the sponsoring organization pays the cost. The Superintendent/designee will approve such requests based upon the availability of buses and drivers.

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Board Approved Date: September, 1999
Last Updated: September 1999