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R 5660 Field Trips


Field trip - A planned visit outside the classroom taken by students under the supervision of a teacher or other school official for the purpose of extending the instructional activities of the classroom through first-hand experience and participation in functional situations that relate directly to what is being studied.

Local field trip - A field trip that usually falls within a twenty-five (25) mile radius of the school, takes place within the regular school day and uses contracted or District transportation.

Out of area field trip - A field trip that fulfills any one of the following conditions: covers more than a twenty-five (25) mile radius, requires more than one day, uses contracted or District transportation, includes additional transportation fees, or involves other unusual circumstances.

Private transportation - The use of private vehicles for transporting students for field trips, school events and other school activities. Refer to Policy and Regulation 5661 - Field Trip Transportation in Private Vehicles/Common Carriers.

Financing Field Trips

The use of bus transportation services for field trips may be authorized from Board of Education appropriated funds budgeted for field trips if approved by the Superintendent/designee.

Field trip transportation may be funded from sources other than Board of Education funds. This may include PTO contributions, authorized fees, government funds and income generated by school activities.

Requests for Field Trips

All requests for use of school buses for field trips shall be made on the appropriate District form and shall be submitted to the principal for approval.

Requests for all out-of-area field trips shall be submitted through the principal for approval by the Superintendent/designee. When District bus transportation is used, a copy of the appropriate District form should be attached.

Field trip requests should be submitted early enough to permit a timely review by the principal.

Student Permission Form

All students shall be required to have a parent-signed permission form to participate in a field trip. In cases where there is a series of trips for a class, only one permission slip is necessary.

Study/Travel/Tour Programs

There are numerous study-travel-tour programs promoted and operated by commercial organizations, not only during summer vacations and holidays, but also at times during the school year.

  1. Official Programs

    On occasion, it may be appropriate for the schools to make use of the facilities of commercial organizations to offer study, travel or tour programs. The Superintendent/ designee shall have approved all aspects of such programs, and notification of the programs, together with implementing procedures, shall be sent to the schools. These should be designed for the summer vacation, holidays or for other times that do not entail long absences of either teachers or students from the regular school session.

    In the event that any teacher would like to propose such a program, he/she should submit a written request through the principal for approval by the Superintendent/designee. Requests should be submitted early enough to permit adequate review at all levels; otherwise requests shall be denied.

    The program should be undertaken to achieve valid educational objectives to warrant support by the school and the District. Care should be exercised to avoid excluding students from participating in the program because of their economic circumstances.

  2. Non-Official Programs

    Nonofficial study/travel/tour programs are ones that are not approved by the school and/or the District. Any private group involving school personnel, students and parents that is formed for the purpose of studying, traveling or touring should abide by the following guidelines:

    1. The planning of any such activity and the activity itself shall be scheduled outside of the regular school day.

    2. The activity shall not be sanctioned, recommended or advertised by a school and/or school personnel in an official capacity.

    3. Solicitation of participation by students shall not be conducted in any school during the school day.

    4. The activity shall not receive any school or District funds, supplies or duty time of employees.

    School personnel participating in nonofficial programs should:

    1. Be aware that administrative leave will not be granted for participation in such programs.

    2. Be careful not to imply in any way that a nonofficial program is receiving official sanction or recognition by the school or District.

    3. Be familiar with current policies and regulations regarding conflict of interest and be particularly careful not to accept or receive any gift, loan, gratuity, favor or service of economic value that might reasonably be expected to influence one in his/her position in the discharge of his/her duties, from any person.

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Board Approved Date: May, 2003
Last Updated: January 2003